We create opportunities for a brand


Brand Marketing

We build brands that connect emotionally, We  drive innovation that powers growth, We create dynamic holistic experiences,  We help marketers stay ahead of change.

We are here to lift the masks. And to do that, we first understand your brand, its journey and your potential consumers. By doing so we are able to create touchpoints and communication that garner attention and are in sync with the zeitgeist of the market. In today’s market, creating buzz around a brand is simply not enough. That’s why we are 360° integrated brand consulting company providing your brand with the simple yet engaging communication that ensures your brand and your customers are on the same wavelength. We deliver inspired and pragmatic solutions that help your brand forge ahead in the marketplace. And how do we do that? Through our collaborative approach, where ideas and innovation rule. We bring together a mix of strategy, creativity, and create solutions that suit the needs of our clients.

Whether your objectives are for short-term or long-term, our diverse capabilities include Brand Architecture, Positioning, Go to Market Strategy, Growth Strategy, Audio Visual Production, Content Development, Space Branding, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Custom Publishing and Public Relations.

Advisory & Consulting

Essential insights and advice for every leader across the enterprise

WPI Advisory & Consulting equips you with insights delivered one-on-one by our experienced advisors and informed by an unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research.
Our exclusive partnerships with subject matter experts will help you tackle challenging business and performance issues that require timely execution or advanced levels of experience. WPI business consulting services have helped steer executives and employees through a multitude of challenges facing today’s businesses.

Our expertise and competencies include Digital Transformation, HR Transformation, Strategy Clarification and Execution, Assessment, Design, and Implementation of new policies and procedures, Process Improvement, Performance Management, Leadership, Change Initiatives andTechnology Consulting.


We are one of the largest events producer and conference organisers. Each year, we organise events and welcome hundreds of delegates from over 10 countries. Our conferences provide you with the opportunity to explore real-world case studies, hear ideas and strategies from leading companies and experts, and take advantage of unsurpassed networking opportunities.

Our capabilities include Business Summits, Technology Conferences, Healthcare Conferences, Education Summits, Infrastructure Summits, and Leadership Conclaves.