Brand & Leadership Research


Research across 25 categories from various countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe & UK is conducted annually on an initial list of 2,000 brands  & 10,000 Leaders

The selection process of winning brands and leaders by White Page International (WPI) is a rigorous and comprehensive procedure designed to identify and recognize exceptional talent, innovation, and impact in their respective fields. The process involves multiple stages, ensuring fairness, transparency, and thorough evaluation.

The nomination phase allows for the recognition of outstanding brands and leaders through nominations from various sources, including industry experts, professionals, peers, and the general public. This allows for a diverse range of brands and leaders to be considered, reflecting different industries and backgrounds.

After the nomination phase, a meticulous screening and evaluation process takes place. WPI’s expert panel, consisting of industry veterans and subject matter specialists, carefully assesses the nominees against a set of predetermined criteria that may vary depending on the specific award category.

The evaluation process involves in-depth analysis of the brand’s achievements, contributions, innovation, market influence, and overall impact in their respective industries. For leaders, the panel considers factors such as their leadership qualities, transformative initiatives, industry influence, social impact, and sustainability practices, among others.

To ensure impartiality and maintain the highest standards of integrity, the evaluation process is conducted independently, with a focus on meritocracy. Confidentiality and confidentiality are maintained throughout the process, ensuring a fair evaluation for both brands and leaders.

Following the evaluation, a shortlist of finalists is determined, representing the most outstanding brands and leaders in each award category. The shortlisted nominees are then further assessed through interviews, reference checks, and additional due diligence, allowing the panel to gain deeper insights into their achievements and credentials.

Based on the comprehensive evaluation, the panel selects the winners in each category. The winners are those brands and leaders who have demonstrated exceptional talent, innovation, positive impact, and leadership, standing out among their peers and making significant contributions to their industries.

The final selection is announced during the prestigious WPI award ceremonies held at globally recognized conferences. The winners are celebrated and presented with well-deserved recognition, highlighting their achievements and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, both in terms of building successful brands and demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities.

The selection process of winning brands and leaders by WPI reflects the organization’s commitment to honoring excellence, promoting innovation, and showcasing the transformative power of visionary leadership. It ensures that the most deserving brands and leaders are recognized for their remarkable contributions, setting new benchmarks for success, and inspiring others to make a meaningful impact in their industries and communities.

Research & Award Categories

Power Brands features the journey of the Most Admired Brands globally across countries like Singapore, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Turkey and various other countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe

Global Power Leaders features the journey of business leaders in the categories of Marketing & Communications, Finance, Human Resources & Technology globally

Global Inspirational Leaders features the journey of global CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Managing Directors, Investors, Influencers and other senior business leaders globally

Global Women Power Leaders features the journey of outstanding women leaders in the categories of Marketing & Communications, Finance, Human Resources & Technology including senior women business leaders like CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs