Brand & Leadership Research


Research across 25 categories from various countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe & UK is conducted annually on an initial list of 2,000 brands  & 10,000 Leaders


Undertaken by White Page International,  Global Powerful Brands & Global Power Leaders is poised to showcase the exhilarating journey of global brands & leaders. The exercise features brands & leaders across 14 industries.


A list of industries and categories is initiated and a preliminary list of 2,000 brands & 10,000 leaders across 13 industries and 25 sub-categories was drawn up by White Page International, with respect to the following- Market studies, Industry white papers, Category Reports and more across Automotive, BFSI, Education, Energy & Power, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Household Products, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Retail and Services. The resultant list contains 500 brands.

Brand Research


The resulting list of brands & leaders generated region-wise is scrutinized and graded on a scale of 1-10 and shortlisted down to 200 by White Page International based on the following parameters:
Brand Recall: A measure of how well a brand name is connected with a product/service type or class of products/services. Often by the consumer connect activities like TV commercials, print adverts, radio jingles, digital & social marketing, and other engagement and promotional activities.
Brand Trust: Factors like loyalty, consumer relationship, and price sensitivity for the brand to have a customer base.


The 200 shortlisted brands & leaders were studied and graded in another round of scrutiny by research team at White Page International. The final list of 100 selected brands is consolidated as a result of this
phase. The parameters for this round are:
Brand Value Proposition: The functional, emotional and differentiating brand benefits that have contributed to providing an enduring brand experience to customers.
Marketing Connect: Brand marketing strategies that have effectively penetrated consumers established a meaningful relationship with the target audiences and ensured positive brand perception, inclusive of advertising and promotions.
Innovation Quotient: Brand derived strength from innovation adding to long-term brand equity.
Sustainability: Is the Brand existing in the market for a certain period of time

Leadership Research

Leaders are selected based on their profile and key achievements across various categories like CEOs, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Technology, Human Resources, Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Founders and more

Research & Award Categories

Power Brands features the journey of the Most Admired Brands globally across countries like Singapore, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Turkey and various other countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe

Global Power Leaders features the journey of business leaders in the categories of Marketing & Communications, Finance, Human Resources & Technology globally

Global Inspirational Leaders features the journey of global CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Managing Directors, Investors, Influencers and other senior business leaders globally

Global Women Power Leaders features the journey of outstanding women leaders in the categories of Marketing & Communications, Finance, Human Resources & Technology including senior women business leaders like CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs