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What comes to your mind when you think of hostels or PGs? Tasteless food, restricted timings, dilapidated rooms, etc. Relocating to a new city can be a hectic and nerve-wracking experience. Finding a place to stay that can be hassle-free, warm and welcoming, shouldn’t have to be a tall order. After all, everyone deserves an enabling lifestyle, that is adaptable to one’s needs.

At Stanza Living, this has translated into our concept of creating a ‘second home’ for the millions of migrant students and working professionals who move for better education, career and lifestyle opportunities. The Stanza Living concept is thus about providing an enriching space where all daily living needs are taken care of, so residents can focus on living life in the manner they desire.

Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings

In 2017, Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia set out on the mission to ‘reimagine shared living in India’, by building hospitality-led, tech-enabled, end-to-end managed living ecosystems, in line with international standards. What started as 100 beds for student housing in Delhi NCR is today India’s largest shared living company, with 55,000 beds under management, across 14 cities and catering to students and working professionals alike.

Backed by renowned global investors like Equity International, Falcon Edge Capital, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, Accel Partners and Alteria Capital, Stanza Living is the most capitalized startup in the segment. The company has a workforce of close to 1,000 employees across 20 cities in India. Recently, it was recognized as one of the ‘Top Real Estate Tech Startups of 2020 across the globe’ by leading research and analysis company Tracxn.

Why Stanza Living?

Traditional hostels and rental housing spaces are outdated and disconnected from the living needs of new-age migrant millennial consumers. With time, evolving consumption habits have led to greater value being reposed in experience-led solutions that prioritize quality, convenience and ease of access. In line with this, there is growing appreciation for end-to-end managed, service-led shared living concepts like Stanza Living, designed and executed with deep emphasis on consumer experience.

Stanza Living provides a wide variety of amenities under one roof and is creating high quality shared housing facilities. From fully furnished rooms to vibrant community areas –  lively dining areas, comfortable lounge rooms, dedicated fitness corners and entertainment spaces – Stanza Living has been designed for diverse consumer needs. These spaces also offer a host of daily living amenities including curated food, internet, laundry, housekeeping and more, for a hassle-free living experience. Apart from the physical infrastructure, Stanza Living focuses on creating memorable community living experiences through activities like festive celebrations, musical evenings, movie screenings, game nights, adventure activities and more.

One of the biggest differentiators for Stanza Living is its industry-first suite of technology products directed at sourcing and refurbishing real estate effectively, lowering operating costs, introducing process efficiencies and increasing transparencies across stakeholders which give the company unmatched scalability firepower while growing operations across cities. At the same time, the company is strongly focusing on identifying consumer pain-points and leveraging innovations across the value chain, to achieve a well-balanced interplay between standardization and customization to address these issues which have plagued consumers for decades.

Consumer experience is the cornerstone of our business. For example, with food being one of the top priorities for people while considering accommodation options, the company has a dedicated food excellence team that curates, tests and frequently updates menus using data-driven consumer feedback algorithms, designs special meals, keeps a check on pilferage, food wastage incidence  and manages the preparation and dispatch through high-grade partners or from its indigenous kitchens, maintaining quality.

Today, Stanza Living’s technology-enabled living experience has become a benchmark in the industry. From IoT enabled buildings to high-tech security systems including perimeter monitoring with central command centres, each Stanza Living residence is a smart and secure living space. The company’s consumer-facing Stanza Resident App has been designed to smoothly connect residents with a dedicated consumer experience team and works as a means for information dissemination,  operations-delivery management, feedback redressal, consumer insight mapping, e-documentation etc; all of which is helping deliver seamless living to migrant students and working professionals.

Stanza Living is now focusing on becoming India’s most loved shared living brand.

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