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Kuok Khoon Hong

Kuok Khoon Hong, 64, is the chairman and CEO of the Wilmar Group. He is overall in charge of the management of the group with a particular focus on new business developments. He has extensive experience in the industry, and has been involved in the grains, edible oils and oilseeds businesses since 1973.

Kuok graduated from the University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He has completed many projects involving the establishment of oil palm plantations in Asia and Africa, as well as the processing of grains, edible oils and oilseeds. He has held several key executive positions in various companies, including general manager of Federal Flour Mills Bhd and managing director of Kuok Oils & Grains Pte Ltd.

Kuok’s excellent managerial skills and his vision to see opportunities mature into fruition, has been instrumental in the development of the company. Among these, was the acquisition of a 10.1 per cent interest in Australia’s leading listed branded food company, Goodman Fielder.

Wilmar remains the world’s largest palm oil firm and Asia’s leading agri business group with over 400 manufacturing plants. Kuok is ranked seventh on Forbes’ list of Singapore’s 40 Richest, and 314th on its list of The World’s Billionaires. He has a reported net worth of U S$2.3 billion, and is synonymous with Wilmar International, in which he has 12 per cent stake.

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