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In the field of learning and development, Radiant Infonet Private Limited is a pioneering endeavor. Intending to administer and develop the most advanced assessment practices and solutions in the country, Radiant Infonet is making headway. It has been providing Assessment Services for Sector Skill Councils / Government Bodies, certifications, technology solutions which leaves a mark on its clients and candidates across the country. To ensure that the policy guidelines measure up to client’s expectation of high quality and on time delivery, Radiant Infonet orchestrates quality checks and internal audits.

The consolidated assessment platforms federate technology with behavioral operations assisting organizations in assessments, pay-rolling, succession planning processes, online and offline skill-enhancing, operational efficiency, and costs optimization. A team with hand-on experience provides services in the field of Assessments, People Services, and Activity Maneuvering. Intending to deliver the progressive end-to-end solution to its partners regarding numerous needs encompassing, conducting fair, valid, and reliable assessments, Radiant Infonet wants to yield progressive, efficient, and effective workforce and leaders globally.


Radiant Infonet was founded in 2012 with the intent and the vision to ensure equal education opportunities and space for all to build a desired career path. The next three years were a development phase, where the company focused on developing hardware, Apps, Biometric attendance software, and assessment software, along with conducting the offline assessment.

By 2016 Radiant was working with two clients and had already assessed 20K candidates, followed by 50K candidates and more than four clients in the following year. Radiant expanded steadily and currently have more than fourteen clients, have assessed around two lacs candidates and have launched two mobile application for assessment and are consistently working on developing assessment software.


Radiant has won the award for Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation, and Assessment Tool providers in 16th World Education Summit 2020, Hyderabad.

Radiant has been ranked No. 1 as an Assessment Agency by Tourism Sector Skill Council.


Radiant Infonet has the capability of conducting assessments throughout the year and across the country through our various modes including, online, offline (Tab based), and Pen and Paper, depending upon the infrastructure available at the assessment venue. Radiant has a team of assessors with hands-on experience because of their comprehensive knowledge and expertise, also relevant industry exposure, thus corroborating fair evaluation of the candidates. The team adheres to the rules and regulations set out by the council to ensure the quality of the assessment.

Radiant comprises comprehensive systems with a wide range of parameters to test candidates in a specific domain using online assessment. Tests can be conducted for multiple candidates from the various location at the same time. The secured, proctored, and robust assessment platform ensures execution of tests with zero errors, with the support of security features like candidate identification, authentication, and geotags that can be collected along with the test logs to ensure veracity.


Today time is of the essence. And when it comes to training or choosing the right candidate, time and money are of the essence. The world is becoming smaller and faster. Therefore hiring the right candidate who does not only have the right skills but also has relevant educational qualification is significant. Above mentioned are some of the few reasons why Radiant Infonet provides comprehensive solutions for recruitment, placement, and pay-rolling simultaneously veiling the workforce management based as per industry standards. Radiant Infonet caters to the needs of the clients by providing tailor-made solutions ideal for the client through their rich assessment library. It assesses candidates on their skills, abilities, and knowledge in specific domains using online assessments. In addition to the assessments, Radiant also provides services like People Servicing also known as Human resource outsourcing and Activity Maneuvering.

Online Assessment

The recognition of the skilled workforce in the 21st century is evident globally due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Radiant identifies the needs of the industry and develops an assessment that covers different skill set as per the job specification. Furthermore, it also provides complete Pre and Post Assessment services for identifying and making the candidate industry ready for the desired job role. These assessments are delivered to our clients through a SaaS-based platform covering the broad features as –

  • Omnipresent
  • Customizable assessments
  • Multi-Lingual Assessments
  • Authenticated Resource Management
  • Result Analytics
  • Assessment Marking Mechanism
  • Remote Assessment Management
  • Custom Notifications

Radiant predominantly covers web-based assessments and app-based assessments.

Web-based assessments require candidates Candidate appearing for the exam login to our web portal with a unique ID and password, which would be generated when registering on the portal. The web portal is heavily monitored to avoid the tampering of the integrity of the ongoing assessments and in the case of malpractice, the authority gets notified cause of alarm installations.

App-based assessment involves two application TESTA for candidate and PRUFER for assessor. TESTA is devised to help candidates to take the assessments from any part of the country, which is possible with the support of built in to reduce malpractices and uphold the integrity of the platform. It also conducts offline assessments via tablets and mobile devices. PRUFER, which has been designed, for assessors is an onsite android-based mobile assessment application.

People Servicing

Irrespective of the size of the company, Radiant, renders consultative and all-inclusive solutions for recruitment, placement, and payroll management, concerning workforce management, which is based according to the industry standards and provides scalable payroll solutions across the country. Radiant is powered by hi-tech enabled services simplifying payroll, accompanying compliance and accuracy.

A fusion of technology and human touch is developed to boost efficiency and enhance the quality of the business by the proficient team. Flexibility and business freedom are kept in mind while working on any project.

Radiant determine each candidate’s work ethic, experience, and capabilities by developing behavioral and competency style questions. It is possible with unique interview techniques that successfully assesses candidates’ compatibility as per industrial need. The end-to-end payroll outsourcing services can help you save a lot of time.

Activity Maneuverings

When it comes to events, workshops, and seminars, Radiant Infonet has been planning it since 2012. With more than 6 years of experience, Radiant has comprehensive knowledge when it comes to imperatives involved and ensures the services of reliable standards.

It provides you with the best possible solution when it comes to manage and grow your business efficiently. Radiant has been conducting workshops for NCPCR for two consecutive years.

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