In the field of education, technology can be a life-changer and a game changer for students in school and out of school. Technology has revolutionized the education system by introducing different platforms like educational apps, e-learning websites and online interactive classes which gives us opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere and outside the four walls of the classroom. Fliplearn is an award winning e-learning app designed to supplement a child’s learning. Every student has their own pace of learning and also have a different approach when it comes to studying different subjects and this is the reason why Fliplearn provides personalized study experience based on the learning style of a student. And it has been made possible because of the interactive and fun digital content that has been mapped to all education boards in India. Fliplearn allows the students to understand and memorize the concepts with the help of interactive content, stories, gamified quizzes, 2D-3D videos, tests and assignments and it also makes learning fun.


Divya Lal, former COO of Educomp realized that as technology has transformed and plays a major role in majority of industry, it was time to bring education and technology together, which gave rise to a digital platform “Fliplearn”. Fliplearn was launched in November, 2015 and is headquartered in Gurgaon. It is an online subscription based teaching and learning portal. Fast forward to this day, Fliplearn is connected to more than 3500 schools and have more than 32lakh users. Flip learn is led by a strong team of experienced professional from IIT’S and IIM’s especially for K-12 education delivery.


All the contents are mapped to the school curriculum subject wise and the contents are available for all the classes, whether you are in pre nursery or grade 12th, it can be used by all. Personalization is a very important factor which has been highlighted by Fliplearn.

This application allows you to learn at your own pace and customize your study material as per your likings. Whether it is your lectures or quizzes, according to your need, you can access to these material multiple number of times which gives you the benefit to study in your own style with ease. It is true that if you watch and learn you understand the concept much better than just reading and understanding. Fliplearn has created high quality digital content to simplify your concepts and clear your doubts and it has been made possible due to more than 19000 videos, on hundreds of topic in both 2D and 3D videos. Some of the other digital resources which help you to memorize and revise are concept map, synopsis, gamified quiz and assignments. Fliplearn makes study fun and engaging where you don’t just memorize, you also learn and understand. With more than 2.5 lakh question along with high definition videos, it makes your learning experience fun. It also allows you to make your learning process interactive as you can challenge your friends into a healthy competition and make your study session enjoyable.

Accessibility is another important quality of Fliplearn, you can have access to any study material at any time of the day and anywhere. And this is the quality which gives you the access to learn at your own pace. And all the lessons and practice sessions can be accessed according to your convenience. Last but not the least, it is affordable. You just have to pay for yearly subscription which is 11,999Rs only. And it cost less than the normal tuition classes which still uses traditional method, have fixed hours and with all the extra baggage it can get very tiring for students. Whereas with Fliplearn students don’t have to be physically present in the class and can study according to their convenience and ease.


Fliplearn still have a lot to offer. Fliplearn offers two kinds of program Fliplearn Prime and Fliplearn Smart School. Fliplearn prime deals with the curriculum mapped program and contents that features videos, quizzes etc. whereas, Fliplearn Smart School deals with the collaboration and communication among parents and schools as Fliplearn is connected to more than 3500 schools.

Fliplearn Smart School broadcast school events and announcements instantly, sends homework and assignments to students, generate and sends automated report card to parents. Fliplearn builds a bridge between parents and school, now parents don’t have to worry regarding school events and time-table as it gets posted on school calendar. And also forget about standing in long queue just to pay the tuition fees, through Fliplearn you can also pay the fees online or you can also pay fees in monthly installments with zero interest, zero cost and zero charges. Apart from above benefits Fliplearn also give free counselling to students. What more a student can ask for? Fliplearn have not just helped student but also parents. Time is precious for everyone, as the technology is evolving more and more people will diverge towards online learning. Fliplearn have placed cluster of subjects in the palm of your hand and every topic you want to learn is just one click away.

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