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Introducing D’Yavol X, the latest streetwear luxury brand making waves in the fashion industry

Introducing D’YAVOL X – the new luxury streetwear brand that’s causing a stir in the fashion world. Founded by the visionary trio of Aryan Khan, Leti Blagoeva, and Bunty Singh, D’YAVOL X celebrates the spirit of confident individualism and new-age opulence. And who better to embody its ethos of authenticity, fearlessness, and uncompromising quality than the inimitable Shah Rukh Khan?

As the face of D’YAVOL X, Shah Rukh Khan brings his unique style and charisma to the brand, showcasing the grunge yet luxurious street pieces like never before. The brand is set to make waves with its ground-breaking counterculture that fuses the comfort and versatility of streetwear with the refinement and quality of luxury fashion.

The first capsule collection from D’YAVOL X will be available exclusively on its website from April 30th, 2023, with limited edition drops throughout the year. Each drop will reinforce the brand’s exclusive, unexpected, unconventional, and sophisticated experience.

According to Aryan Khan, co-founder of SLAB Ventures, “D’YAVOL X is the culmination of a creative journey that our highly talented design team and I embarked on with a singular vision to combine uncompromising quality, edgy design, and a fresh interpretation of luxury codes.” He adds, “Our limited-edition drops will offer a coveted insight into the real-life fashion aesthetics of Shah Rukh and myself, both noted for our distinctive personal style.”

Leti Blagoeva and Bunty Singh, co-founders of SLAB, share Aryan’s vision for the brand. “D’YAVOL X embodies the core principles that all three of us live by,” they explain. “It is not swayed by fleeting trends, does not hesitate to venture into yet uncharted territory and firmly believes that creative excellence and impeccable quality are perennial prerequisites for success.”

Shah Rukh Khan himself is excited to be associated with D’YAVOL X, saying “The passion, determination and creativity that define D’YAVOL X, are all traits that resonate with me deeply. I look forward to amplifying the brand message for an audience that wants to celebrate individuality and intrepid style”.

With fewer than a hundred pieces available per style, the first capsule collection is a must-have for anyone who wants to embrace their own unique style with an uncompromising commitment to quality and luxury.



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