We combine strategic thinking and creative excellence to turn brand possibilities into business results.

White Page International is a global consulting firm with a diverse portfolio that includes Brand Marketing, Research, Advisory & Consulting, Large Scale Generic & Customized Conferences, Publishing, Digital and Television Content. The goal is to create a substantial and lasting improvement in the performance of our clients and strengthening their brand value. We know that in an age of unprecedented abundance of choice and speed of innovation, customers’ expectations are moving faster than businesses. While incremental change is still essential, it’s no longer sufficient. It takes bold moves to leap ahead of customers and competitors. WPI aims to be the world’s leading consulting firm, this is what drives our focus and efforts to be the ideal partner for our clients.
WPI team is an exuberant group of individuals from different backgrounds sharing the common passion of creating an impact by the work they do.
– Our work is driven by 3 simple principles:
– If you can visualize the future you can create it.
– It matters the most to you when you help make a brand.
To create an experience you need to truly understand the people who share that experience.
WPI was born out of the need to create a platform for brands to communicate with their audiences in a manner that is easily understood. To create a bridge that creates lasting relationships. In today’s market where brands are getting tangled in ineffective and big-budget communication and eventually get plunged into the abyss of anonymity, we provide solutions that are based on market reality.
We don’t let brands take unbridled courses and get lost in the competition. We first understand the brand and where it wants to be and accordingly create a strategy that best suits it. Sometimes that might mean a little change, while at other times the situation might call for locking horns with the big boys.

Advisory Board

Professor Malcolm McDonald

MA(Oxon), MSc, PhD, DLitt, DSc

Professor Malcolm McDonald is one of the world’s foremost authorities on strategic marketing, market segmentation, sales and strategic/key account management. He has written over 45 books on the subject of marketing, has spent the past 30 years researching it and has helped many of the world’s leading organizations profit from being more market-driven. Coming from a background in business which included a number of years as Marketing Director of Canada Dry, Malcolm has successfully maintained a close link between academic rigour and commercial application. He has consulted to many major companies from the UK, Europe, USA, Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia and Africa, in the areas of strategic marketing and marketing planning, market segmentation, key account management, international marketing and marketing accountability.

Taha is the Chair of UK Asian Business Council (UKABC). In addition, he is the Managing Director of Monkey Consulting Ltd, specialises in international business development and marketing. He is also Business and Economic Advisor to the Government of Malta and Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara Uganda, Country Co-ordinator People of Indian Origin Chambers of Commerce (PIOCCI) , President Greater London Chapter Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) International and Ambassador, Views of the World Film and Music Festival.